How can Microblading enhance your beauty?

  • Full and balanced brows help frame the face, enhancing the eyes.

  • Having brows that compliment your bone structure will make you look many years younger.

  • Microblading gives you flexibility! Without makeup, you can still have a natural, flawless appearance. Or you can fill them in a little to compliment your Saturday night makeup!

Why is Microblading a must have?

  • Saves time, no more filling in your eyebrows before you make a move. You will have effortless get up and go brows!

  • Brows will look good all day, every day. Brows will no longer rub off with hugs, sweating, etc.

  • You will always look your best even during recreational activities, including swimming!

  • No more being caught off guard when you forget to draw in your brows before a quick run to the grocery store.

  • After Microblading, cleaning up the brows is much easier due to you already having the perfect shape to follow. This takes the guessing out of achieving flawless brows every time after threading, tweezing, or waxing!

Who can benefit from Microblading?

  • Anyone whom has little to no hair due to aging, medicine or illness.

  • Anyone that struggles with hair growth due to years of excessive waxing or tweezing.

  • Anyone who is just tired of drawing in their brows every day!

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